Board Meeting

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Our semi annual board meeting will be held Sunday evening at Olive Garden in Onalaska WI at 7:00 pm.

Please RSVP if you are able to join us!


Board Meeting

Our semi annual board meeting will be held Monday evening at Olive Garden in Onalaska WI at 7:00 pm.

Please RSVP if you are able to join us!


Mare, Baby, More Mares and Babies

Hello everyone!

Update on mare and baby taken from Ryons Kill Pen a couple of weeks ago: the mare turned out to be untouchable – whatever has happened to her has left deep scars and she will stop at nothing to try to protect her baby. Baby has a head injury which we are unable to treat because we cannot get close enough to him to treat it. The mare will attempt to bite people or kick when handled.

This presents a huge problem, because the mare is in foster care and the family that offered to help out did not anticipate this kind of a horse coming to their place. We did not either. The colt appears to be a half draft, so our best guess is that the mare is a STB or STB cross. She is beautiful.

They came with the usual problems that Ryons kill pen horses have – respiratory. We struggled with what to do, then called the vet. The vet was unable to get close to the horses, so prescribed an antibiotic to put on the feed. The mare decided she was not going to eat the feed if it had the medicine on it, so the coughing and discharge continued.

Our next strategy was to dissolve the medication in warm water, then add to the drinking water. Get the horses into the barn and lock them in long enough to get some results from the medicine in their water. It worked!!!! The mare and colt are now free of the respiratory problems.

ASAP is not prepared to deal with a horse who is basically full of fear and anger. We are seeking a foster home or adoptive home for someone who wants a project – and has the experience to see it through. Our hope is that the trauma they suffered will become a memory, and that both horses will be able to trust again. We are grateful to those who reached out to pay their hard earned dollars so that these two would have a chance at life……..we are hoping for the best possible outcome.

In the meantime, the vet bill was $200. If anyone sees it in their heart to make a donation, please go to our site at and use the Pay Pal button, or send a donation to us at:j


S6039 Pedretti Lane

De Soto, WI 54624

Thanks, friends!

Sponsorship Needs – URGENT

The following are needs ASAP has, and perhaps you may see one horse that you would like to sponsor for the following services that ASAP has incurred great expense for.

If you like, you can go to our web site at and click on the Pay Pal button. Or, you can send a check payable to:


S6039 Pedretti Lane

De Soto, WI 54624

ARNE – His vet bill for euthanasia was over $230 – I don’t want to go into details but spoke with the vet about Arne and

she believes there is nothing we could have done to save him. His good leg was fractured, she felt due to


SPARKY – in need of power float – does have one hook preventing him from chewing his hay or grass properly

We presently receive sponsorship for him from ME Miller for $50 a month – a power float will cost at least

$100 – $150 depending on which vet does the procedure

BEAUTY – hoof trim, vaccinations – $25 and $35 – Total $60

KENNANS QTi Pi – Hoof trim, vaccinations – $25 and $35 – Total $60

HONEY FITZ – yearly coggins $37………Hoof trim $25 – Total $62

FLAME AND ANGEL – hoof trims $25 each – Total $50

HOLLY – Hoof Trim $25 – Senior Feed needs cost $25-$30 per week

TYLERS LATE DATE – Hoof Trim – $25 – Senior Feed needs ongoing at $75 per month

BOB COOK – Hoof Trim – $25 – Senior Feed needs ongoing

KILL PEN MARE AND COLT – Veterinary bill and medication, feed $150

JANIMAL – Vet check for injured stifle, bute – special senior feed – $85

This does not even include yearly vaccinations – if you have any extra, please consider donating them! We usually have had donations of vaccinations from local veterinarians – so far no one has offered.

Thank you for caring and helping ASAP care for the horses!


Seeking sponsors for trims for:

Honey Fitz

Tyler’s Tanya

Beauty aka Faire Hanover


Kennan’s QTi Pi


$25 will get one horse trimmed

Seeking donations of dewormer and 4 way vaccines. Above horses will need shots and dewormer the first week in June

As always, seeking donations of hay and feed – we seem to have hit a dry period so any donation is welcomed. Let us know who you would like to sponsor – go to our and use Pay Pal, or send a donation to:


S6039 Pedretti Lane

De Soto, WI 54624

Thank you!

We Don’t Ask Very Often

We try not to make a habit of asking for donations………….but we need to do so now. We had an overabundance of veterinary bills due to taking in two rescues. Blood had to be drawn on Aine to check for organ function. Tanner had a tick on his eyelid that the vet had to check and treat. Sparky had his teeth checked and needs further veterinary dental work before he can be turned out on pasture.

Arne was seen by the veterinarian, then sadly had to be put to rest. In addition, we have ongoing hay expenses even though it is May, with the number of horses here at ASAP still into the 20’s. Not everyone can be out on grass. The horses here at the ASAP farm are the less adoptable horses, so there will always be expenses related to their care.

Dyna and Shaggy will soon need to come back to ASAP, pushing our numbers up even further. DT is also scheduled to return due to personal circumstances. We are always seeking qualified candidates for foster care, as well as adoption. Can you suggest someone?

Please, if you can spare $10, $20, or more, no matter what the amount, feel free to Pay Pal your donations. You may also send a donation through snail mail to:


S6039 Pedretti Lane

De Soto, WI 54624

Thank you in advance!