Fundraiser for Braveheart

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Board Meeting

The annual meeting of the board of directors of ASAP will be held on Saturday, January 6 at 4 pm in La Crosse at Three Rivers Lodge at the Radisson in La Crosse WI

Election of officers for 2018 will take place.

RSVP by calling 608-792-5126 or texting. Thank you.

Updates on Sparky and Bob Again

Hello – it is November!

As many of you know, Sparky somehow hurt his back leg almost a month ago. He was unable to bear weight on his left hind. He has been confined to a stall since his mishap, and a vet came out shortly after we noticed he was injured to take an xray.

Because the injury was in his stifle, Dr. Jan was unable to perform an xray. She did an exam and recommended euthanasia due to his age.

We started him on banamine, then bute. Two weeks in, we noticed no difference. Three weeks later, Sparky developed thrush in his front left. It was painful for him. We treated that and he rallied. We stopped the bute and started giving Previcox. One thing about Sparky – he never lost his appetite!!!! Yesterday I thought I saw him putting weight on the leg. Today when I came home he was walking on all fours! It isn’t perfect, but he is healing!!!!

Bob Again is still in quarantine. He has shown no signs of communicable disease. We want to schedule his ride north, but that will cost almost $900. We still owe the quarantine barn/shipper $875 plus another $168 in quarantine charges. We lack the funds to pay this without help.

We would like to sell some tack to make money for Bob Again’s return. Please PM or text Sue at 608-792-5126 if you are interested in coming to see what we have – there are English and Western saddles……..bridles, breast collars, tack galore. Due to my lack of time since I am teaching full time and caring for horses when I am not teaching, it would be best to have an open house policy where you could come on over and browse and make offers on things you see that you may like. Please help us help Bob Again!

Thanks from Bob Again…….

We would like to thank those who gave to save Bob Again from a Mexican slaughterhouse.

His bail was raised at $950.

His transportation to the quarantine facility was paid at $125.

The quarantine farm is now asking for 2 weeks board. We were able to raise 2 days worth of board @ $12 a day. We desperately need not only funds to pay the $360 total board bill due, but we also need to raise money to pay his shipping, which will cost $875.

While we are pursuing the adopter of Bob Again, this is a lengthy process which can also be expensive, unless we are able to recover attorney’s fees in addition to all of the costs associated with Bob’s recovery.

If you can, please spread the word, and consider donating a gift in any amount to ASAP. Simply go to the Pay Pal button on our site at, or mail a donation to:


S6039 Pedretti Lane

De Soto, WI 54624

Thank you so much in advance!

TB Gelding Needs Home

We have a beautiful 16 year old TB gelding in need of a loving home – he is sound but requires joint supplements to keep him that way.

He is an ex eventing horse – please PM us for more details! Located in WI