Kay and Scarlet

News from Mini Happi Times Farm

Today we worked with Kay and Scarlet. There wasn’t much snow, but there was enough for the sleigh. The snow had a firm texture to it, but it wasn’t slippery. It was about 22 degrees.

I rode Kay while Ray drove Scarlet. When we started, I was sitting on Kay while Ray hitched Scarlet, unsnapped the lead rope, and got in the cart. Kay did some grunting as if she was getting bored with waiting for Kay. There is no love lost between these two, so we try to keep them apart. Both horses cooperated fairly well. Scarlet did some trotting and would let Ray direct her past the garage. This is progress for her, as she used to throw a bit of a fit if you tried taking her past the garage. Pongo supervised at first, but then we put her in the house, as she gets a bit excited if a horse is trotting.