News From Mini Happi Times Farm

Today we took Kay and Jimmy out on the trail. This was the first time we took Jimmy for 10 miles. He did great! He crossed a railroad tracks with only a bit of hesitation. He didn’t freak out when some Sandhill cranes flew up in front of him. He wasn’t keen on puddles, but he allowed his feet to get muddy. He went through town with no hesitation. Even with all the rain we have had, the bugs weren’t bad on the trail.

When we got back to the farm, we let them graze while we put away their regular harness, and got out the pairs harness. We hitched them together, and Ray drove them. Jimmy seemed a bit confused at first, but then settled down, and worked with Kay. They have the same stride length, so they moved well together. Except Jimmy would pace and Kay would trot, so it wasn’t as smooth as it could be. đŸ™‚