Latest from Mini Hapi Times Farm

This weekend Ray and I were supposed to be at a competition at the Northern Kettle Moraine State Park. Because of the recent rains, the DNR closed the trails in the park, so our competition was cancelled. So we had a “free” weekend to get some chores done. We were able to pick up sticks and branches from the yard, rototilled the vegetable garden, and got the leaves cleared off of some of our flower beds.

We took Kay and Loki out for a nice 13 mile trek on our local trails. There were still some large puddles on the trail, and neither Kay nor Loki wanted to go near them. Even with all the recent rain (4.5 inches in the past four days) the trails were pretty dusty. After the drive, I gave Kay and Loki a bath. They were both nice and shiny, but then Loki decided to roll before he was dried off.

George, one of our barn cats, has decided to lie down wherever she will be the most annoying. After our drive I took my protective vest off and set it on one of our benches. George decided to take a nap on the vest, but first she tried to knead her claws. I quickly picked her up and set her down on the ground, and picked up my vest. Later she took a nap on the the entrance mat at the base of our steps. Makes it hard to get up and down the stairs when there is a large grey cat occupying the space.