News from Mini Hapi Times Farm

Ray and I had taken Monday as a vacation day to recover from the horse fair. We got home about 1:00 AM and knew that we wouldn’t be very useful at work. It felt good to sleep in until 7:00AM. Ray seems to have picked up a cold, so he is pretty tired.

We took Kay and Loki out for a nice 12.5 mile drive on our local trails. I am happy to report that we did not see any snow! SW Wisconsin is very dry, and the weather forecasters have already started talking about drought conditions. Ti was a beautiful day for driving with temperatures hovering near 80, low humidity, and a nice breeze.

Both horses did pretty well. There is one section of trail where they are doing some maintenance, and neither Kay nor Loki wanted to walk past their big tree cutting machine. But with some encouragement, they went past. They also gave a pair of geese with a next of baby geese a pretty wide berth. We usually can’t take pictures at areas like this because we are concentrating on getting the horses calmed down and moving along in the right direction.