Spring has sprung

From our friends Ray and Alice!

Today we worked with all of the horses except Sporty. We started with Loki and Kay. I was curious to see how Kay would react with Loki driving near here with the cart. She was pretty calm abut it. Loki was calmer with me riding Kay than he normally is when I drive her. After about a mile-and-a-half, I stopped riding Kay, while Ray took Loki out for a few more miles. While he was gone, I got Sunny out and brushed her, then let her graze on the lawn with Kay.

Then we did some ground driving with Jimmy and Scarlet. Both were actually cooperative, for the most part. Scarlet had a few moments where she wanted to spin, but she would let me redirect her back he direction I wanted to go. Jimmy just wanted to go. Ray tried to get him to trot slowly, but Jimmy prefers to pace.