Hay Huts!!!

‘Dear friends and followers of asapinc:

I am excited to be able to tell you that we have been in communication with HayHuts llc, the manufacturers of the incredible HayHut all weather enclosed plastic horse hay feeder with regard to becoming dealers for their product.
Because of the laudable work we do, the owner and CEO has agreed to let us start with just 5 units instead of the normal dealer minimum of 10 units and we are hoping to be receiving them at the end of this coming week.
Currently we only have funds available for the full purchase of one unit and so we are considering taking a loan out for the other four, two of which will be available for sale. Our other option is to offer the other four for sale with a 10% discount ($80) to friends and followers of asapinc which will allow us to get started into what should become a really useful income stream to help further our cause and allow us to buy more HayHuts with the tremendous savings they produce.
So we are soliciting your comments and help towards this potentially life-saving venture that will not only benefit us but probably also our associated non-profits who might also like to et onboard in their own specific locations.
All comments and of course, purchases will be most welcome!
If the response to purchase is greater than our order we may be able to increase it to 9 units if we are quick!
Details of the HayHut can be seen at www.hayhuts.com and the study by the University of Minnesota can be read at –http://www.extension.umn.edu/agriculture/horse/nutrition/selecting-a-round-bale-feeder/